Below are some of my favorite resources:

ESL/PRONUNCIATIONESL English Pronunciation Classes San Jose CA

ESL Classes – WestGate South Hills Church (San Jose, California, USA) sponsors free ESL classes. (Classes are free. Some classes use a text, about $30, and the registration fee is $10/year.) We meet during the school year, on Mondays, 9:30-11:30am, at WestGate-South Hills (6601 Camden Ave, San Jose, CA).  We have free babysitting on-campus for infant-5 year olds.) Classes begin September 11, 2017.  More info here.

For more information on our adult ESL English classes in San Jose, California (runs from September to May every year) contact WestGate-South Hills at 408-268-1676 or

Iowa Phonetics

Phonemic Inventories of Arabic, Cantonese, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, Vietnamese

 ESL Lessons (Kenneth Beare)

Easy Conversations for ESL  – slow conversational dialogues to improve listening comprehension

MORE Listening resources –

  1. Randall’s Listening Lab
  2. English Listening
  3. Many Things
  4. Talk English
  5. Agenda Web
  6. Rong-Chang Listening



Tony Atwood’s Autism site for parents, professional and person’s with Aspergers

Michele Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking Program

SPEECH AND LANGUAGE – I like this website’s ability to search worksheets based on grade level, subject or topic

Normal Development Handout

Speech & Language Development -from the American, Speech, Language and Hearing Association’s website.

Caroline Bowen’s website – I like this gal’s website.  She posts about a lot of areas in speech and language, and has lots of info, words lists and links.



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  1. Miriam Swartz says:

    Thank you for sharing free printable a to help children on the spectrum.

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