Two L Sounds in English

2 L Sounds in English

If your first language is an Asian language, pronouncing the American L sound may be difficult.   To create the L sound, the tip of the tongue is placed against the bumpy spot behind the top teeth (alveolar ridge) .  The sound is created when air travels along the sides of the tip of the tongue, and out ...

Reading & Your Word List

Dear ESL students, If you want to improve your English, you need to read.  Read every day.  You can read magazines, newspapers, books, and much more.  When you read, keep a list of words that are new for you.  Find out the meaning and ask a friend native-speaker for the correct pronunciation!   Keep your list ...

Autism Warning Signs


What are the warning signs of autism?   You may see problems in these areas: social interaction - your baby or child does not watch others, show or call attention to his interests, or seem like he wants to be socializing with other children or caregivers.   Children with higher-functioning autism may want to interact and ...

Food & Eating Lesson

salad and sushi

  My students really enjoyed conversations about food and eating (who wouldn't?)  As part of our restaurants unit,  we asked and answered questions about food and eating.  The link below has the questions we used. Buon Appetito! QuestionsFood&Eating See earlier posts on my ESL restaurants unit: Starbucks Subway Restaurant