Food & Eating Lesson

salad and sushi

  My students really enjoyed conversations about food and eating (who wouldn't?)  As part of our restaurants unit,  we asked and answered questions about food and eating.  The link below has the questions we used. Buon Appetito! QuestionsFood&Eating See earlier posts on my ESL restaurants unit: Starbucks Subway Restaurant

Reading and Spoken Language


Have you ever thought that reading has anything to do with speaking?  Many parents don't realize that these are closely related.  When parents read outloud, children hear correct pronunciation, grammar and phrasing.   And it enhances children's spoken language skills by exposing them to new vocabulary. For babies, brightly colored books with real photographs are best. ...

High-Functioning Autism & Social Skills

facial expressions

Children and adults with autism vary greatly in their strengths and challenges, but most persons with autism have difficulty with social skills.  Frequently referred to as “mind-blindedness”, they have trouble knowing what others might be thinking.  A person with high-functioning autism (sometimes referred to as Aspergers), may act oddly, hurt other’s feelings, or ask inappropriate ...

Improving Speech & Language Skills

improving speech and language

How can parents help children develop their speech and language skills? When parents talk to their babies, they naturally use short, simple phrases. If your toddler is not putting two and three words together, you may need to return to using short simple phrases. Avoid asking questions. It helps your child more if you comment on ...