Accent Modification lessons San Jose CAI’m a licensed and certified speech-language pathologist, with 28 years of experience helping adults and children with their communication skills.  I’m a wife to my awesome husband, and mom to our 2 creative and special children, who are now young adults.

I teach American English pronunciation, also called accent reduction, accent neutralization, or accent modification. I am a Compton PESL certified trainer, and I teach at ESL classes sponsored by WestGate South Hills Church. We meet Mondays at 9:30am at the WestGate South Hills Church (6601 Camden Ave. San Jose, CA). See our ESL class information here.

My clinic work includes myofunctional (tongue thrust) therapy, childhood speech & language, and autism/social skills.

I’ve published a variety of speech therapy materials on Teachers Pay Teachers ( And I’ve published a book on Kindle/Amazon called Raising an Amazing Child with Autism, Stories & Advice from an SLP Mom.

For my students, I wanted to review topics and provide links to handouts and audio from my class lessons.  For myself, I wanted to write about what I learn from my students (and that’s a lot!) and how much I like teaching. I hope you enjoy the information posted here.

Paula Gallay