Wow! If I could add one skill to my son’s toolkit, it would be persistence! His poor ability to distill the important message in the presented information, organise, plan, anticipate, break into do-able parts, synthesise information, problem-solve (all executive functioning) made my son’s project for communications class SO HARD this week! And he found it so hard to persist through the difficulty. While he often has great persistence on tasks he enjoys, his persistence on something someone else assigns him can be so poor!

Some things to try next time:

  • set concrete, visual goals
  • break project into pieces
  • cut distractions
  • manage frustration
  • provide breaks
  • start early
  • anticipate
  • problem solve
  • practice (do a dry run)
  • edit

Probably more on the list! I need to lend support to my son sooner next time, I think.  Man, I am still learning new things! I’ve got to remember that.




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