Final Stops – Linking to fix the added Schwa Sound

Pronouncing Final Stops English ESL San Jose CAWhen we say these at the beginning of a word, we fully pronounce the stop sound with an explosion of air.

Think of the beginning sound for ten, beam or give.

But when a stop sound is at the end of a word, we reduce the sound.  The explosion of air is very quiet or absent.

When saying a stop sound at the end of a word, like the d in “good morning“, be sure to make the d reduced, and don’t make an explosion of air.  If you do, it will sound like “goodah morning”. (Do you hear that added Schwa sound?) Instead try to take the d off “good” and LINK it to “morning“.  Make it sound more like “goo  dmorning“.  Then you’ll be using American English pronunciation.

Here’s a free printable to practice final stop sounds correctly in phrases and sentences.

Reposted from  Original post was August 15, 2015.