Raising an Amazing Child with Autism, Stories & Advice from an SLP Mom

My new book is available on Teachers Pay Teachers, Raising an Amazing Child with Autism, Stories & Advice from an SLP Mom.

Raising an Amazing Child with Autism book coverAs the parent of a child with special needs, I laughed and cried and felt a kinship with parents who told their stories. Having a special-needs child is an emotional roller coaster. You must give up your pre-conceived dreams of who your child will be, and learn to set new goals for them, for yourself and for your family. You will experience great pride, and heart-felt devastation. You may feel alone, shunned by friends, and classroom parents who won’t understand. Your child may be bullied, and left out of play dates and playground games. But your journey can be exhilarating and satisfying too. If you’re lucky, you’ll find others who love and accept your child, and understand your experience. You may find your child has strengths and talents you never imagined. You life will be enriched by the experiences in store for you. I hope these stories and ideas encourage you when raising your amazing child with autism!

The collection of 39 stories of our son, and our family, focus on:

  • Therapy Tips & Ideas
  • Diagnosis
  • School & Advocacy
  • Family & Personal Life
  • Adolescence & Beyond

It’s the kind of memoir I would have wanted when I was raising my son. I’m hoping it will make a difference for some families today in need of a trusted parent & friend’s advice on raising a child with autism.

All stories in my book were previously published on my blog.


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