Free ESL Classes in San Jose CA

ESL Classes 2017-18Free ESL classes in San Jose, CA, are held every Monday, September 11, 2017 – May 14, 2018.  Please join us.

Classes are free.  Some teachers will use a textbook, about $30, and there is a registration fee of $10/year.

Did you know we have 6 levels of classes, beginners to advanced, including a special class on English Pronunciation, taught by speech-Language pathologists! We look forward to seeing you at ESL class this year!

How Linking Improves English Sentences

Linking Consonants & VowelsFor many Asian speakers, I often hear they were taught to speak Engliah, by SPEAKING EACH WORD SEPARATELY.

However, English speakers are listening for words that LINK TOGETHER in a sentence. The easiest way to start linking is finding words that have an ending consonant next to a beginning vowel.


A lot of people were there. > A LOTOV people were there.

I need a new doctor. > I NEEDA new doctor.

Are you driving over now? > Are you DRIVINGOVER now?

Learning english takes practice. > LEARNINGENGLISH takes practice.

Try linking consonants to vowels for improved English pronunication.

Linking Consonants & Vowels