Linking Help

linking English pronunciationIn our English Pronunciation Class we continue to practice linking when speaking English.

Linking is very important and must be learned to improve your compensability and efficiency of spoken English. If you are speaking sentences without linking expected words and sounds together, it is probably very difficult to understand your English.

Let’s look at linking consonants to vowels. A common pattern in English is liking the ending D sound to the word “it”: (consonant-vowel link)

  • find it   >   fin  dit
  • tried it   >   tri  dit
  • spread it   >   sprea  dit
  • wanted it   >   wan  ti  dit
  • needed it   >   nee  di  dit
  • added it   >   a  di  dit

You can hold out the vowel sound but then link the ending D to the “it”, kind of making it sound like you are saying “dit”. The linking connection should be smooth, without any breaks or pauses. it’s going to sound like a single word, and that’s ok!  That’s expected, and English speakers understand you more quickly and easily.