How to Pronounce Chocolate

How To Pronounce Chocolate ESL accent reductionI hear this mistake a lot. My students fully pronounce the vowels in each syllable of chocolate. But American English speakers will reduce the syllables and reduce the vowel sound in the weaker syllable.

However, it’s pronounced a lot like CHOK lit (2 syllables) with the stress on the first syllable.

—-Since we don’t usually pronounce all three syllables, this is similar to when we reduce syllables from family(3 syllables) to say famlee(2 syllables) and interesting(4 syllables) to say intresting(3 syllables). —-

To pronounce chocolate like a North American:

Pronounce the o like “aw” (or “ah” if you note regional differences).

Drop out the middle syllable o.

Reduce the a in the last syllable “late” to /I/(short i)  or /ə/(the schwa sound).

CHOK lit

Keep up the good work speaking English



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