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Consonant Cluster Word Lists Accent Reduction

Some ESL Learners need to practice consonant blends in English. This is often because clusters (2 or more consonants together) are not in their first language. Vietnamese is a good example of this. So land sounds like lan, and pint sounds like pine.

I love this online resource that has many free printable lists:   (Learning Fundamentals)

I have used their lists for R remediation and to treat lisps, by using their lists for S, Z, SH, ZH etc.

Recently I went back to their word/sentence lists to help a client who was learning English as a second language and needed help making her accent sound more American. Click on the links here and see the free printables for some helpful word/sentence lists! Keep up the good work teaching English.

Consonant Clusters – R’s

Consonat Clusters – S’s

Consonant Clusters – L’s

Consonant Clusters – Other

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