Pronouncing Words with “X”

Pronouncing Words with X“X” make the sounds “eks” like in exit, expect or exceptional.

If you are leaving out any part of “eks” it will be difficult to understand you.   Don’t say just “es” and don’t say just “ek”.   Practice “X” words and improve your English pronunciation.

See the practice list of X words and sentences here.

Linking “an” to Words Starting with Vowels

???????????????We use articles in English to tell about which things, or how many things.  Most students use “the” and “a” easily –  the house, the day, a cat, a man, etc…

If you have a word that starts with a vowel, you’ll need to use “an” – an apple, an egg, an uncle, etc…

LINKING is needed for clear speech.  You will be understood better if you link, or connect, an to words starting with vowels.  It will sound like all one word.

an apple =  anapple

an egg =  anegg

an uncle = anuncle

Try this practice list and link an to words starting with vowels.

Words With -ity Sound Like -adee

English pronunciation -ity wordsMy Pronunciation students needed some help when pronouncing words with -ity, like ability, quality and hospitality.

None of them knew you are supposed to reduce the /i/ and/t/.  To fully pronounce these sounds will be unusual for the listener, who is expecting a sound more like -adee, instead of itee.  Make the /i/ sound like the “uh” or schwa.  Make the /t/ sound like a /d/.

Also in these multi-syllabic words, you’ll want to stress the syllable right before the -adee.

Practice list of words here.

Keep up the good work speaking English!