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English Pronunciation VowelsPlease stop by my TpT store and see the latest addition to my English pronunciation resources.  I’ve added a vowel pack that will be a great supplement to teaching/learning the American English accent.

When an ESL student has a hard time being understood in English, it is often the vowels that cause the biggest problems. Relying on English spelling will cause problems because of all the exceptions to our spelling rules.

For example:

  • mother has the sound UH like in mud, not O, and it sounds like muther
  • minute (60 seconds) has its second vowel reduced to an UH sound or short I sound, not a U sound, and it sounds like minut or minit
  • feel has a long e that in influenced by the final L; it is stretched out and a linking Y sound is added in between, and it sounds like fee yul

Follow this guide to learn the exceptions and the special rules for pronouncing American English vowels. Practice words and sentences are included for each lesson, including:

  • English Vowels Overview
  • Jaw Placement for Vowels
  • Ee vs. I
  • Short I Words & Sentences
  • Ah vs. uh
  • “too” vs. “took”
  • Different ways to pronounce O
  • Stretched-out Vowels (Diphthongs)
  • L- and R-Controlled Vowels
  • Long vowels + L
  • Long Vowels + R
  • Confusing ER & OR Words
  • Reductions of Vowels

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