Summer Cooking Group Ideas

chocolate banana sundaeCooking group has been fun this summer with my students!  This week was Chocolate/Banana Sundaes. Yes, it’s called “cooking group”  but sometimes we just assemble snacks – no cooking involved!

Ingredients needed:

  • Bananas
  • Ice cream
  • Chocolate sauce (you can include caramel and strawberry to increase choice-making and communication)
  • Sprinkles/nuts, if you like

The students loved making these and it was so easy.  Some of the kids needed help.  There was lots to do with peeling the bananas, scooping, pouring and sprinkling!  A cool treat for the summertime!

Our craft lesson this week was a “Summer” book, from the DLTK”s Make Your Own Book resources.

Other cooking group ideas that went well this month were:

  • Instant Pudding – instant pudding mix and milk (use a wisk and don’t worry about mixing it longer than 3 minutes.  It will be fine. Each of the kids can  have a turn mixing.)  With cooking group, involve the kids in all the steps – pouring, measuring and mixing. Print up some simple picture directions if they can’t read the packaging. At school we’re using Boardmaker Studio.
  • juicerHomemade Lemonade – lemons, sugar, water, ice cubes.  Have the kids cut the lemons (roll first for an easier time juicing them.) Use a juicer.  We used one like this.  Have them measure out the sugar (good for counting).  Add the ice cubes and talk about “cold” “melting”, “wet’ and other related words. With the leftover ice, we took it outside and dumped it out on the sidewalk in the sun, watching it melt while we sipped our lemonade.
  • Green Vegetable Salad – iceberg lettuce (or any green lettuce), cucumbers and green peppers.  These could be great if they came from your own garden.  Vocabulary topics could be “planting”, “growing”, “taste”, “texture”  “Veggies are crunchy!” etc. Have the kids chop the veggies using plastic knives.  It’s a great fine motor activity. Top with green dressing, like Green Goddess.  (Green Vegetable Salad  is also a great activity to try in March around St Patrick’s Day since teachers usually do some “Green” themes that time of year. )

These cooking group ideas are good for preschoolers and elementary, as well as older kids in autism and other disabilities.  Click on these links for other cooking groups ideas – Fall Cooking Group,  Winter Cooking Group,  Spring Cooking Group.

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