Picture Description Lesson 3

Working with ESL students, I often need something to show them, if we are going to practice speaking (oral expression) and listening (listening comprehension).

Often with beginning and intermediate students, their vocabulary is not large enough to have a conversation unless we use objects or pictures.  So describing photos is a very handy activity for oral expression.  And even advanced students benefit from picture description activities.TalkAbout

Below are some worksheets with photos, I made up for oral expression with my Skype students. The photos I located on the internet.  I will send the worksheet to my students by email ahead of their lesson time, and they had a chance to think about what they saw in the picture and how they could talk about it.  Then during their lesson they described what they saw in the picture.  Then I asked questions about what was in the pictures such as Who? What is happening? Where is this? etc.  I call these worksheets “Talk Abouts”   If you try them in class, I’d love to hear how it goes.

Talk About Worksheet 1 Dog-Cat

Talk About Worksheet 2 Kitchen-Music

Talk About worksheet 3 Lemonade-Puzzle

Talk About worksheet 4 Ride-Read