Winter Cooking Group Ideas

Had a great cooking group lesson today with my students!  We made marshmallow snowmen (I like to keep my lessons seasonal.)  And, yes, it’s called “cooking group”  but sometimes we just assemble snacks – no cooking involved!

Ingredients needed:

  • 3 marshmallows
  • marshmallow cream to stick them together
  • chocolate chips for eyes
  • pretzels for arms
  • m&ms for buttons

The students loved making these and it was so easy.  After doing a few, we discovered the marshmallow snowmen were top-heavy and fell over!  So the next ones we made we laid out on the plate with the flat part of the marshmallow flat against the plate.  This worked out really well and the snack did not roll around. and it looks just like a snowman shape!

Our craft lesson this week was a mini-book “Winter is Here”  which featured a snowman, so it tied nicely to the cooking group lesson.

Other cooking group ideas that went well this month were:

  • Instant Mashed Potatoes – The students loved this and it used just milk, butter, dried potato flakes and a microwave. It was a nice change from sweet snacks.
  • Tutti Fruity Crispy Candy – Melt white chocolate chips and mix in Fruity Pebbles and pretzels. Salty and sweet! Yum!
  • Winter Citrus Salad – I got to talk about the fruits that are available in winter like oranges, grapefruit and pears. Chopped up and mixed together with yogurt, the students loved it. Sprinkle nuts on top for crunch!

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