Watch Your Voicing

“Voiced” and “voiceless” came up in class today.  What do you need to know about voicing?how to demonstrate voicing

Voicing is when the vocal chords vibrate.  Touch your fingers to the front center of your neck.  Start out saying “SSS”.  Now without stopping or breaking say “ZZZ”.   You’ll feel the “voicing” or the vibration.  All vowels are voiced (have vibration).  Most consonants are voiced (have vibration).  Only a few consonant sounds are unvoiced (have no vibration).  They are

  • p
  • t
  • f
  • k
  • s
  • th
  • sh
  • ch

Be careful to use voiced (have vibration) and voiceless (no vibration) sounds at the right time.  Or you run the risk of saying “peach” instead of “beach” (Did you really sit on the peach?) or “chains” instead of “jeans” (Did you really buy a new pair of chains?)

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